Personalized Gaming Mouse Pads

Today there are wonderful suppliers out there who have made it possible to customize our Treasure Corners (TC) to a whole new level! Did you know you can order your very own customized gaming mouse pad? Yes? Then you probably have one right? No? “Are you kidding me” expression. You are absolutely not “fangirling/fanboying” the gaming industry enough! Don’t you want to sit at your TC, look down and see your name on it? Your favorite anime character? Your favorite animal? Your favorite movie star? Your wife? Your husband? A family photo? It doesn’t matter! I wanna see it!

Photo by Matt Wojtaś on Unsplash

What Size Should I Get?

You should definitely consider your desk space and what you have on it.

As a gamer I need a lot of mouse space, I don’t want to be smacking my thumb on the keyboard when I make abrupt movements to the left or hitting the edge of the mat when I move to the right. The size I will be going for is either the XL extended or XXL extended. The XL mat can be fine too but it is a matter of preference and how you envision the custom print you will apply to it. Whichever seller you decide to buy from will also have their own sizing, but it is generally the same.

Here’s the thing though, those sizes are within the norm, you can also get a mouse pad that covers your entire desk! Oh yes! X-Ray Pad is one such supplier I know of that actually makes them at a max width of 200″ and 50″ max in height, in an “L” shape or even an arc shape. Epic! Learn more.

Do Custom Printed Mouse Mats Affect Mouse Performance?

Well hey, nowadays mice even work on glass and I honestly don’t believe it does. I have to shake my head and smack my lips at the ingenuity of our species. I really want to pick their brain and see how they even come up with the technology that exist today. I am absolutely grateful because right now I can order my very own personalized mat without worrying about what is on it. It’s really not about the color but the texture of the surface. So read up on the description and little details of the material before buying! This is a step when buying anything in general that you should never neglect. It would all still boil down to your preference and play style.

What Can I Print On It?

All the goodies! You can get personalized mouse pads with photos and name on it! As I mentioned previously at the beginning of this article, it doesn’t matter what it is. If you want to see it when you look down at your desk, put it on it! Your gaming name for example, big, bold, flashy, classy, however you want it. Close your eyes and picture it. You can print an awesome image of your favorite anime character, your favorite game, your own face, your loved ones, your heart throb movie star or singer, it could be anything. Dig around in that imaginative mind of yours and bring your idea to reality! Some suppliers also provide exclusive and official designs that you can choose from. We will explore that in the next heading.

You must make sure that the image you upload is of HIGH RESOLUTION. Quality is key! You do not want to roll that mat out of the box and be greeted by an ugly pixelated disaster. You would cry and I with you. A typical High Res image is at least 300 DPI. Do not upload anything less than that so we both can be happy customers.

PS. You can also get Ergonomic mouse pads that gives a more natural posture for your arm. These are pads with cushioning for the wrist, though getting them custom is a bit more limited than ones without. I’ve only seen them in standard shapes and sizes. However this won’t cause much of a problem. You can get whatever personalized pad you want and then procure a wrist wrest separately like the one shown below.

Where Can I Buy My Custom Goodies?

Let the drum roll!


Many of you should know this name! It is one of our favorite makers of gaming gadgets and they offer high quality custom printed mats. They have a huge growing selection of designs that you can choose from and you can personalize with a gamer tag at no extra cost! They have cool licensed images from all sorts of popular games to choose from.

  • Sizes
    • Medium 13.98″ x 10″
    • Large 17.48″ x 13.98″
  • Specs
    • Slick, taut weave for speedy mouse movements
    • Pixel-precise targeting and tracking
    • Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors
    • Highly portable cloth-based design
    • Anti-fraying stitched frame
    • Anti-slip black rubber base

They ship in 5-7 working days after order has been placed. Unfortunately I did not see the option to upload your own art for printing, however they allow personalizing with custom text up to 15 characters. Check it out

  • Inked Gaming

Another supplier with a long line of satisfied customers, Inked Gaming allows uploading of your own images for personalizing! High quality print, mouse pads and service.

  • Sizes
    • Classic 9” x 8”
    • Large Gaming 13” x 11”
    • XL Gaming 18” x 16”
    • XL Extended 36” x 18”
    • XXL Extended 48” x 24”
  • Specs
    • Smooth cloth top with rubber base for traction
    • Vibrant colors
    • Machine washable
    • Stitched Edging
    • Thickness: approx. 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch

Typically ships in 2-4 working days. Check it out

  • X-Raypad

Is next on the list, goes a bit more in depth with the customization in regards to the pad specifics rather thin the print. They have several different pad thickness, sizes and surfaces of many types for gamers including metal with custom white laser engraving. Like.. What?! Custom lighting ones too?! With RGB?! I’m over it. This supplier also allows you to upload your own artwork for printing.

  • Sizes – They carry a lot more varying sizes that you can explore in detail on their website, but to name a few
    • 14″ x 12″
    • 18″ x 16″
    • 36″ x 18″
    • 48″ x 24″
  • Specs – Same with the sizes, they have varying types of pads that you will have to explore to fully understand the extent of what they can do
    • 2 – 5 mm thickness
    • Varying surfaces that can satisfy your play style preferences
    • Stitched frames or non-stitched frames
    • Round corners or square corners
    • Edge treatment

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Turn around time is subject to what kind of pad you choose. Check it out

To name a few more:

  • Amazon

What can I say? Just now I won’t even need to leave the house because Amazon told me not to. You need something? Check Amazon. On amazon you will find several suppliers who provide customized pads that you can browse through to find the best supplier for you. Check it out

  • Etsy

This one is also running the race. They have pre-made gaming mouse pads as well as the option to personalize with your own images and so forth. Check it out

Get Your Cool Gaming Mouse Pad

I have shown you the way, now the rest is up to you! You will be one step closer to a satisfying TC. If you have a custom pad, go ahead and email me an image of it to With your permission, I can feature it on this blog.

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