Personalized Gaming Chairs – Your Name On It

Do you agree that your gaming chair fall under one of the most important component of your setup? Gamers spend a tremendous amount of time at their treasure corner whether casually or professionally. The fraction of a second you may spend to adjust your body while facing an intense moment in game, could cost you the match. All due to a chair not properly supporting your posture hence making you uncomfortable. If you are looking to buy a gaming chair, you should also consider getting one with your name on it?!

What Is A Good Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is not only limited to the ones named “Gaming Chair”. An office chair can also be YOUR gaming chair. For my older readers, please be careful when choosing a chair that you will be spending a significant amount of hours sitting on.

Your body type and what makes you most comfortable is important. There are narrow and wide chairs, high back chairs, rocking chairs, reclining chairs, chairs with foot rest, chairs that massage, chairs with speakers or both massage and speakers. There’s a lot!

What exactly do YOU want from your chair? Along with the features mentioned above, you should also be mindful the overall design of the chair, key points being the areas that provide ergonomic support for your head and lower back. Also important is your average gaming time, that is, how long and how often will you be sitting in the chair. When your criteria is satisfied, you then consider your choice a good gaming chair according to what makes you comfortable.

Sitting in a chair for hours with a bad posture lead to troubles in your future. Trust me, a bad back is not something you want. A gaming chair with proper lumbar and neck support, definitely enhances your gaming experience! See below a criteria I believe is satisfactory on how to choose a good gaming chair.

Criteria For Choosing A Gaming Chair

One key point, when researching reviews for the chairs, understand that some people will bash a chair, not because the manufacturer messed up, but because they did not READ. For example, if someone 6.5″ ft tall and 250 lbs, buys a chair that has a significantly lower requirement, you can imagine the different negative scenarios that may occur.

Most Important

  • The chair must be suitable for your height and weight.
  • Should have adjustable parts. The arm rests? The back? Do you want it to recline? The height?
  • Ergonomically built. Does it have proper lumbar and neck support?
  • Frame must be built with a sturdy material such as metal.
  • The material used to cover the chair. Something stain resistant, sweat resistant or just overall positive hygienic control? Leather, artificial leather, fabric cover or mesh fabric etc.
  • Do you prefer a soft padding or firm padding? Memory foam is a plus but pricey.

This criteria directly affects the cost of your future chair!

Subjectively Important

  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Reclining
  • Cup Holders
  • Speakers
  • Massaging
  • RGB Lighting

Among others. If you are overly concerned about ergonomics due to back pain and the like, then you should consider getting an ergonomic office chair. Good office chairs focus less on the style and more on the ergonomics. Now that’s not to say there aren’t any with some nice sleek classy design but even then, they still strictly adhere to ergonomics.

Getting a good office chair can sometimes be a more cost effective choice in contrast to getting a cheap gaming chair that breaks after a few months use.

Customize My Gaming Chair

Getting a personalized gaming chair is a bit more difficult in regards to any specific features you may want with the chair. There are manufacturers out there who sell ergonomic gaming chairs with the added feature of a customized logo and or name embroidered. A lot of famous streamers and professional gamers are sponsored by these companies or have a partnership with them. Hence you may see them on stream with a gamer tag or logo on their chair.

To name a few, click on the names for more details:

  • Dreamseat – this company allows full customizing of the chairs features such as color and padding, as well as adding your name, logo etc. It has an ergonomic design and also comes with a removable memory foam cushion that you can adjust to your liking for ultimate comfort.
  • Needforseat Maxnomic – their chairs are designed beautifully and caters carefully to the importance of ergonomics. The sizes come in S – XL and they have a guide for choosing what’s best for you based on your height and weight. Pretty convenient. They are partnered with quite a few famous industries, streamers and professional gamers. See here for a list. You might have seen a familiar face there or a company you know and feel a bit more secure in Maxnomic services. They also have a gallery that you can browse to see some of their work.
  • Zip Chair Gaming – this company is the official supplier for the Overwatch League chairs. They design quality gaming chairs with proper ergonomic support and the added bonus of personalizing. Logos are limited to NHL, NBA, MLB, GM, EPL, Overwatch League and College Logos. You can, however, add a personalized 10 character word above or below the logo.
  • Quersus – if you are in EU well this is the company for you. Their chairs are sometimes made with faux leather, faux suede or both, as well as a material often found on luxury car seats made of synthetic micro-fibres. Bonus feature of this material is it’s resistance to stain. This chair is the Quersus Chair V500/Victory. You can personalize these chairs with your name and or Logo.

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