Custom Gaming Mouse – Make It Yours

Choosing your gaming mouse in general is a challenge, then to add personalizing makes it even more a challenge. The mice themselves can be pretty expensive, so you generally don’t want to lose on your first hit. Let’s face it, the choices are numerous and they are all so handsome!

How to Buy a Gaming Mouse?

Once again the gaming topic is subjective. From the crazy amount of games out there to the chair that you sit on, the opinions vary. Always remember that it comes down to your personal preference. To help you narrow down your choices, here is a criteria check list.

  1. What genre of game do you play? MOBA, MMO, FPS etc. There are gaming mice out there tailored to the specific game play, although, others may say a mouse made for MMO can work just as well for FPS.
  2. Is the grip type important? mouse-gripThere are 3 main grip types known by the general populace, Palm Grip, Claw Grip and Tip Grip. See a screenshot from Razer. Select image for more details.
  3. Do you prefer a wired or wireless mouse?
  4. Most important, what is your budget? Our favorite brands have mice from low to high depending on your specifics, so take your pick. I always say spend for quality. Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries, Roccat, Redragon and Corsair have awesome choices from prices between $50 and $100. These often have ergonomic designs, excellent sensors and are versatile across multiple genres.
  5. Have money to burn and want something even more tailored for you? Razer has released the new Basilisk Ultimate mouse. It is fully customizable, wireless and just awesome! Razer says this is 25% faster than other wireless mice out there with high speed transmission, 11 progammable buttons, Razer chroma RGB lighting zones and more. The Roccat Nyth is also a sweet baby “hunka dunk dunk”. The Modular Thumb Zone got my eyes bulging, swappable sidegrips, a whole 18 buttons that you can apply secondary functions to which gives you a whopping mouse with 39 functions.. Are you done? I’m done!

Roccat also developed a software that lets you configure several features like sensitivity, DPI, scroll speed and so on. If you so decide on this option, you will  be looking at spending over $100 but the result is absolutely worth it.

Add Your Personality, A Cool Gamertag or Logo

You are one step closer to getting your very own cool gaming mouse! There’s good news and there’s bad news. As I’m feeling very ”Es” today I will give you the good news first, though this will apply to people who are unaware of the following info.

We all know that there are some mice out there that we can purchase in different colors or design, but it’s very limited! For example, on Colorware there is the Logitech G703 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse, with awesome color customizing for the left, right and side buttons, the middle part where the scroll is and the shell your palm rests on. I find the custom preview to be a nice touch, it’s very interactive, the color options are amazing and it’s user friendly!

There are other companies that provide the service for a few more select brand and type of gaming mouse. One such company is Yactronix. They have 5 different types of mice like the Razer Deathadder and Naga, as well as the Logitech G-520, all of which you can customize with solid colors and patterns!

Another way to customize is with skins! Yes, that is exactly what it means, some truly awesome and thoughtful companies designed “clothing” for our mice! I don’t know about you but while the original mouse can look truly wicked, I get bored of the look and want to add my own style to it to make it even more squeal worthy!

The skin is an adhesive/decal that is quite easy to apply and leaves no sticky residue when you remove it. Just order a new “outfit” when you fancy a change in style. It is cheap, convenient, beautiful and squeal inducing! You can purchase ready made skins you take a liking to, or design your own!

Unfortunately these two personalizing options are not applicable to all mice and the first method is extremely limited in regards to the features of customizing, namely, putting your own logo or gamertag. Some of you will have to make do with the original manufacturer version. With the skins, some offer customizing with your own images etc, but it is not available for all mouse brands and type.

The originals are still very awesome and cool looking though.

Featured image of this post by Rica Naypa on Unsplash

PC Gaming Mouse Skins, Where to Buy Them?

So I gave you one spot to buy an awesome Logitech G703 with custom colors, if that was your choice, as well as Yactronix. If you are looking to add personalized graphics, then a mouse skin is the way to go. They offer pre-made skins that are really pleasing to the eye and you can also upload your own. One such company is Mightyskins.

As shown in the image they have a moderate selection of mice but most important is these mice are commonly used in the gamer community. So that may not be an issue for a lot of us. It’s a process that’s insanely fun and engaging.

With that said, so far I’ve seen only one mouse on Mightyskins that you can upload your own image. That is the SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse. With the others, you can only choose one of their select pre-made designs.

Another company is Decalgirl with the SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse, and Thermaltake eSPORTS Level 10 M Advanced Gaming Mouse custom skins. They also allow uploading of your own graphics. The price range typically starts at $8.99 for pre-made designs and around $15.99 for custom ones.

Cool Gaming Mouse

It’s a great feeling when you brand something as yours. Streamers and all could do more than put their logo on their overlay, they can put it on a variety items to further market themselves and those really famous ones could even sell them.

It also works for people like me who aren’t professional gamers. Once you complete an awesome TC, believe me you start feeling professional… I still fail though.. unfortunately, but at least we can look the part.

Editor’s note

If you buy a mouse for $20 because that was how much you were willing to spend, as a result you may be unsatisfied with the performance, or it starts to malfunction a month or 2 later? You buy another one? Do the math. Sometimes you end up spending MORE when you go too cheap and as a gamer, take some pride in your merchandise!

6 Replies to “Custom Gaming Mouse – Make It Yours”

  • This was a great article andvery informative. I completely agree that spending the money to get a quality, ergonomic and suitable mouse the first time is actually a money saver in the long run! I’m most excited about the skins that are available to dress up my mouse. It’s the first I’d heard of them! I’m going to definitely take a look!

    • Isn’t it?! Just make sure skins are available for the mouse you have or if you are thinking of buying a new mouse, refer to the sites I mentioned in the post to see what models they have skins for! Glad you are interested!

  • Thank you for sharing an article about custom gaming mouse, I really enjoyed reading it!

    I want to buy the Logitech G703, I love the fact I can customize the left, right and side buttons, and the middle part where the scroll is as well as the shell your palm rests on. The added bonus of skin customization is awesome!

    • Oh absolutely! The whole process is crazy exciting! For the skins, even though they aren’t available for all types of mice, the ones they do have are most common and well liked in the gaming community.

      I’ll be adding posts about this in the future, but they also make skins for laptops, phones and others. So if a gamer wants to personalize all their gadgets or most of them with their style, it’s very possible!

      I’m glad you are interested in buying the g703, it’s a pretty awesome wireless mouse. You can customize the colors at Colorware as mentioned in the post.

  • I feel like such an amateur in gaming, I did not realize the variety you can get for gaming mice I am just used to my go to mouse, I never bother to research until now, due to wrist pain. I found this article very informative and engaging, thanks!

    • Hi Lola! Oh boy there’s a whole bag of goodies to pop open when it comes to graphically customizing gaming gadgets. If you are a mild gamer or not a gamer at all, don’t worry. As mentioned in the post, you analyze what makes you most comfortable when using any of the devices.

      Today the designers are well aware of the drawbacks and have started to develop their products with ergonomics being an important feature.

      The mouse pads for example, which you can read about here, some are designed with the intention of helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. These pads are made with a cushion area for your wrist.

      There’s also the vertical mouse which completely changes your grip on the mouse. It’s much like doing a handshake. This kind of mouse is not very recommended for intense gaming. Mild games are ok and it’s even better for normal daily use.

      See here

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