Hello, welcome to my website! My friends know me as EsnEm and so will you. I made this blog because of my passion for PC gaming as well as my love for “Treasure Corner” setups. Treasure Corner, TC for short, is pretty much a gamers desktop setup, I gave it that name because we absolutely treasure our PC. For those true dedicated gamers, we suffer emotional distress if anything happens to it!

I want the whole gaming community to know that we can make that spot we spend half our lives in, absolutely gorgeous. Also that they can put their name, an image or a logo on some of the gadgets they use.

Right now my Treasure Corner is simple and in need of some more work. I am planning to make my spot a whole lot cooler and anything that I can put EsnEm Gaming on, I will look into it! Also, if you like the LED light setups like I do, you will understand why majority of the things I show interest in have some sort of LED light going on.

Please feel free to throw in your suggestions or tell us about your TC! In the meantime, you can browse through our articles about different gaming accessories and getting them personalized at Gadget Talk.


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